Thursday, July 05, 2007

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Items of note from around the web:

Feds fruitless in getting kids off junk food
Duh. When I was teaching in Des Moines, our high school was on that federal program. There was a fifteen-minute break in the middle of the morning, and the fruit was available for the taking. Much of it ended up being used to hurl at one another or decorate the floors of the hallways. This is what you get when you attempt to educate complete idiots who were raised by complete idiots. A free public education is way too good for most of these numbskulls. But I digress...

My dad's old and boring
It's refreshing to see that he's a relatively normal kid, even considering the fishbowl he's lived in his entire life.

Click here to watch history
The entire North Texas area is giddy with the notion that Lake Texoma is -- gasp -- going to go over the s-s-s-s-s-spillway. The lake was created in 1943; it went over the spillway in 1945, 1957, and 1990. I remember the one in 1990; we lived in Paris (Texas) at the time and the Red River was so high they didn't want us to drive over the bridge. It's usually a wide, twisty creek full of red sand-bars, and I remember being stunned at the sheer volume of red water coming right up to the bottom of the bridge, which is quite high.

Give to God -- and get your frequent flier miles too!

On an unrelated note, I have heard back from United Copper concerning its Mexican flag:

Why the Mexican Flag? United Copper is a Mexican owned company and the owners have chosen to fly their countries flag.

Why the same height? The United States Flag is to either be flown above the others or to the right hand side of the building or speaker.

Thanks for your inquiry. United Copper Industries has every intention to show the highest honor to the Flag of the United States of America.


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