Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Fashion Fun on the Fourth

It's high time I did some fashionblogging, folks. The runway action has been hopping over the past couple of weeks, and I've been out of commission just enough to have missed most of it.

GAH! It's The Lagerfeld! Actually, his collection was lovely, as usual, but the man just frightens me. Most of the items hearkened back to a 1920s elegance, with muted pastels and demure headwear. I love the fur bodice and the satin bow on this number, but I'm not a fan of the total-coverage headwear thing.

Lebanese designer Zuhair Murad presented some thoroughly elegant pieces. The subtle color, the embroidery and other details, and the drape of the fabric all appeal to me quite a bit.

On the other hand, Jean-Paul Gaultier appears to have fallen victim to the Weird Headwear trend:

I actually like the lace-bodice thing, and I especially like the plunging (but not wide-open) neckline -- very classy and elegant.

The Shiny Maharajah outfit with the giant Sikh headwrap festooned with the blue spiky feathery thing? I've never been a huge fan of the epaulet anyway, and this one doesn't change my mind. I do kind-of dig the hand decorations; they remind me a little of the henna tattoos, which I think are kewl.

Is this what you'd call a Gaultier Derriere? I just can't imagine any girl wanting to wear anything that looked remotely like this. Yes, honey, it makes your butt look big. And flowery. And very, very textured.

Franck Sorbier brings back the Decorative and Wildly Adorned Sweater which we all know is immensely flattering. The Captain Kirk black pants are a nice touch, too (although it might be a pencil skirt; hard to tell in the photo).

Sorbier did manage to trot out something I almost like -- the black catsuit with a festive covering of some kind. I think it's a classic look that's easy for just about anyone of any shape or size to wear successfully, if it's done correctly.

Elie Saab's very Gray collection appealed to me, too -- which surprises me, because I tend to be a fan of color:
I like the Waif In Lace look, probably because I like lace. The neckline is simple and tasteful, and I just love the texture-y-ness of the fabric.

What a beautiful silver brocade. Isn't this just scrumptious?

She reminds me of a Tiffany window without the brilliant colors. Me likey.

And Elie Saab, himself, is quite easy on the eyes, no? Rrroww!

Bulgarian designers Livia Stoianova and Yassen Samouilov must've been handed quite a lot of lemons. And limes, apparently. Very, um, citrusy. Yeah, citrusy. Mmm-hmm. [moving along quietly]

Doesn't Giorgio Armani look like he LOVES what he does? He doesn't appear to be attempting to upstage his own collection, either:

I liked Armani's collection, too. Of course, you can imagine that this one appeals to me because of the green AND the brocade:

And doesn't this one look like the front of those Simplicity Patterns from the 1950s?

Finally, I bring you a sampling of Christian Lacroix' collection. First, Lily Cole brings us her very best impersonation of a Corpse Bride:

You KNOW that I love the brocade, but the Fruitbasket Thing simply must go. Honestly. Of course, it could have been worse:

She could've had to sport a Giant Blue Wig. Sometimes I wonder if designers do this sort of thing to distract us from the substandardness of their collections?

All in all, some very tasty offerings from the Paris runways the past few days... punctuated by some entertainment, of course. It wouldn't be Haute Couture without some sniggering on the part of plebes such as myself, now would it?

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