Monday, July 30, 2007


Our neighborhood is, unfortunately, overrun with feral kitties who have lots and lots of babies that they keep in unreachable hidey-holes until they grow up to be just as feral as their mommies. One of the kitties, however, decided to reject these two little boys and had abandoned them in the middle of our front yard. I kept thinking she'd return to get them, but she never did. I could NOT bear to hear their mewing, nor could I bear the thought of one of the neighborhood stray dogs coming along to have a snack, so I put them in a box and have been bottle-feeding them.

I wish I had several live traps to catch all these wild kitties and take them to a shelter. It's just another reason I hate living across the street from these "people" who wouldn't take their cats to the vet and have them immunized and neutered, but who instead don't seem to have a problem supplying the entire town with stray cats.

And in the meantime, I guess I'll be sleeping on the couch for a few nights until these babies can make it through the night.

Bijou is quite upset by the newcomers and can't decide whether to lick them or bite them. She knows I'll spank her if she starts to snap at one, but she just wants to so bad, so she ends up being a complete bundle of nerves.

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