Saturday, July 14, 2007

The Nanny State, Part MCLXVIII

An Epidemic of Meddling
The public health mission to minimize morbidity and mortality leaves no room for the possibility that someone might accept a shorter life span, or an increased risk of disease or injury, in exchange for more pleasure or less discomfort. Motorcyclists, rock climbers, and sky divers make that sort of decision all the time, and not all of them are ignorant of the relevant injury and fatality statistics. With lifestyle choices that pose longer-term risks, such as smoking and overeating, the dangers may be easier to ignore, but it is still possible for someone with a certain set of tastes and preferences to say, “Let me enjoy myself now; I’ll take my chances.” The assumption that such tradeoffs are unacceptable is the unspoken moral premise of public health. When the surgeon general declares that “every American needs to eat healthy food in healthy portions and be physically active every day,” where does that leave a guy who prefers to be fat if it means he can eat what he likes and relax in his spare time instead of looking for ways to burn calories?
You have GOT to go read this entire essay by Jacob Sullum. I mean it. Whatever you're doing, stop it now and read this. THIS IS WHY WE SHOULD FIGHT GOVERNMENT-CONTROLLED HEALTHCARE WITH EVERY LAST BONE IN OUR BODIES.

I often tell my kids that until they're out of my house and I'm no longer paying for their upkeep, they have to do what I tell them.

When the Fedrul Gubmint pays our bills, they will then have the right to dictate our activities. It's just the way it is.

Don't let it happen. PLEASE.

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