Saturday, July 14, 2007

The 2007 Parker County Peach Festival

The kids and I hopped into the MomVan and headed down to Aunty Beth & Uncle Brian's house in Fort Worth, and from there we all went to Weatherford, Texas, to the Parker County Peach Festival.

You could purchase all manner of peach (and lots of other sorts) comestibles, such as the peach salsa and peach marmalade shown here.

Texas chili peppers...

The Peachniks were even out in full force.

Some things you see at county festivals just can't be explained.

Of course we had to have a funnel cake and some peach lemonade, dontcha know?

Tasty! But they don't sell Sausage On A Stick anymore... it only comes on an STK:

Street vendors by the hundreds and hundreds, and most of it was actually decent stuff (although I did see a few of the purses made from empty Capri-Sun bags stitched together like patchwork and adorned with feather boas -- those are soooooo tacky).

A recent trend in home decoration around here is the Wall Cross, which can take just about any form or fashion. Wall Crosses have now trumped the ubiquitous Angels that were literally everywhere about ten or fifteen years ago. I saw gazillions of Wall Crosses of varying types, but this one made of lariat rope looked more like an Ankh than a cross:

Of course, the Church adopted it as the "Egyptian Cross" or the crux ansata (cross with a handle), so I suppose that counts. But you see it much more often as an ankh, since the neopagans have adopted it as their symbol of choice.

Back to the Festival...

There were lots of, er, unusual items for sale...

The Parker County courthouse is a handsome one, as are many Texas courthouses.

It was HOT and quite crowded, but we had a great time.

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