Friday, July 20, 2007

It's a sign from God

Sometimes I wonder what God's will is.

Other times, it's plainly obvious.

Today, He spoke to me directly about one of the houses I looked at. Here's what he said:


My cousin Heather and I have compared notes about "spider events" throughout our lives. We've noticed that whenever there's a significant spider event, it tends to occur at a time of high stress. Once she was stuck inside her car because there was a large arachnid crawling around on the outside of her car. Once I went out to my car at night and got into it and looked out the windshield and there had just been a "hatch" and there were literally millions of tiny spiders covering it. Both of these events happened at times of stress or hardship, and it always seems to be a "come to Jesus" moment for both of us.

Obviously, this has been a hellaciously stressful year for me, and house-hunting is definitely adding to the anxiety level. But when I'm walking the perimeter of a house and there's an enormous brown female tarantula clinging to the bricks, I think I can safely consider that a NO from God.

I do know that tarantulas are actually wonderful creatures who aren't aggressive and don't want to bite me, but who rid the neighborhood of pests. I do know this, and I'm grateful. I just don't think I want her ON MY HOUSE where she might find a vent or something and decide to MOVE IN. I wouldn't let Martha throw rocks at her because she really was beautiful for a spider, but that pretty much sealed my opinion on that place. They were asking too high anyway. A tarantula automatically knocks about five grand off the asking price, I would think.

As for the brick place we checked out yesterday, I talked to the realtor today and she said that it had already sold on a government contract kind of deal. So it was out. Today I looked about about six or seven properties in Valley View and Sanger and did find several excellent possibilities. One is in a remote location but has an acre and several wonderful trees and a place for a huge garden, etc. I'm not sure we'd be able to get high-speed internet, which would be a deal-breaker for me. Another place is quite small but is in excellent shape, has two pecan trees in the backyard, and is directly across the street from the municipal pool in Sanger.

We'll get to go inside them on Sunday afternoon, I think. Keep yer fingers crossed. I'm ready to be OUT of here.

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