Thursday, June 14, 2007

Summah-time... and the livin' is... UNeasy

It's been a weird, uneasy day. First, we have a minor meltdown in the house because Dr. Alexander isn't in our insurance network. So I have to go through the list of providers and try to find ANOTHER surgeon. Difficulty: none of the other guys will take a patient who's had a previous bariatric procedure done by another doctor. Which means I pretty much don't have a choice. Oh, I could show up in an ER somewhere and they could do another DX on me which would indicate I'm obstructed, but if they did decide to operate right then, I'd be stuck with whoever they got. I'm not willing to live with that, just to get insurance approval. So for now, I'm still with Dr. Alexander, who seems to be the only bariatric surgeon in the DFW metroplex willing to take my case.

Honestly, it makes me second-guess EVERYTHING. Is Dr. Alexander really a good doctor? And how can I know, other than my impressions of him and my knowledge that he's performed thousands of these procedures? I hate healthcare and insurance. I really, really do. It's all enough to make me think perhaps a lifetime on a liquid diet ISN'T such a bad idea. Me 'n my blender could be best friends.

Couple those concerns with this: the epilepsy camp has finally posted their Wednesday pictures, and Alice isn't in a single one. There have been approximately 150 pictures posted from each day, so it's up to 450 pictures now, and Alice is only in ONE? Is she being neglected, ignored, allowed to sit out of everything, is no-one slowing down to give her a chance to keep pace? I mean, honestly... shouldn't her little face just be in the background somewhere? I'll be leaving before dawn on Saturday morning to go pick her up; once I get there, I'll have a pretty good idea whether she'll ever have to go back or not. But suffice it to say that I'm not a particularly happy mom right now. I realize it's free and I am grateful, but at what expense? We can entertain and sing silly songs right here in North Ruralville at the Methodist church's vacation Bible school for free, also... and less than a block from home. It's hard for me to look at this objectively; am I being an overly picky Mom?

Hopefully I'll feel better tomorrow.

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