Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Stress test

Went back to Dr. Alexander's office today for a pre-op stress test. I was a bit nervous... okay, I'll say it, I was STRESSED... because the stress test I had last year was rather traumatic. It was right after they figured out that my BP was sky high for no apparent reason, so they ran me on the treadmill until they got my heart rate up to the target level (with no complaints from me), then took me off the treadmill and did an ultrasound exam of my heart. While I was on the table, my BP dropped down super-low and I kinda left consciousness behind for a while. Not fun.

This stress test was less, well, stressful for me. I think it's because it's geared toward people who are severely overweight and are in very poor health as far as respiratory function. For this one, they used a stationary bicycle instead of a treadmill, and I had to keep the RPMs at a certain level for a certain amount of time. They had a mask on my mouth and nose and were checking my output and intake of air, and I had the usual cardiac leads all over my torso.

At any rate, it just didn't have the same effect that the other one had on me. I was tired, a little, but not terribly so. Mom had accompanied me to the appointment, thinking (as did I) that I might be pretty worn out by the procedure and would need someone to drive me home, but I was fine. We went to a little Indian restaurant afterwards and I enjoyed some Lamb Saag which was absolutely tender and delectable... and yes, LJ, I had a mango lassi to cool it off. Splendid. Wish you'd been with me.

Isaac spent the day with Pop, fishing at a pond over near Paris (TX), and I heard they caught quite a few. I should have photos tomorrow of the event.

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