Thursday, June 07, 2007

Road trip redux, fifth day

The power in West Yellowstone went out for a couple of hours yesterday evening, and the girls and I were super-tired, so we went to bed. This morning we're packing up and heading back south to get Alice home in time to pack for epilepsy camp. Isaac's going to stay behind with the others and come back in a couple more days.

Yesterday was a very cold, rainy day. The weather had predicted heavy snow for elevations above six-thousand feet, but the most we got was some mushy snow and sleet whenever we drove above eight-thousand feet. I was thankful; this is not a place I want to be caught in during a wintry storm.

We slept in, sort of... Isaac wouldn't let any of us sleep, of course. He's an early-bird. We set out for the park again, and were soon met by a traffic jam that just didn't want to move.

We heard later that it was courtesy of a large herd of slow-moving buffalo crossing the road. We sat there for over an hour, I'm pretty sure. I didn't time it. I just played entertaining things on the iPod in hopes of keeping the kids' spirits up.

We went back to Old Faithful one more time, just because it's so darn cool. And it was darn cool, yes indeedy. Cold, even. We nearly froze to death out there in the biting wind and spitting rain. Intrepid Travelers R Us.

We drove around Lake Yellowstone and enjoyed such views as this:

Then we found some more boiling mud pots... these were even stinkier than the first ones we saw:

The Hayden Valley is something to behold. We kept thinking we'd see a grizzly bear, but not today.

Retiring back to the "cabin" (I hesitate to call it a cabin because it's so NOT rustic):

These were the kinds of beds we got to sleep in. PLUSH!! Pop did a great job picking this place out.

We had put on a pork roast in the crockpot, so the place was smellin' mighty good, and we all tucked into it. It was so fall-apart tender that I could use a handblender on some of the left-behind sauce and meat and make a blendy-soup stuff that was marvy.

The girls and I need to head on down the road, so I'll sign off for now. I'm sure there will be a few more pictures once Mom gets back.

Onward and forward!

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