Thursday, June 07, 2007

Road trip redux, part VI

The girls and I left West Yellowstone this morning and headed home. As we got into the higher elevations in the park, there was a pretty good bit of snow:

Here's another view of the Tetons as we drove south out of the park:

The Bridger-Teton National Forest is a little-known stunner:

Past the forest and into the Wind River Indian Reservation, I saw some amazing rock formations like this one:

Pronghorns are plentiful out here:

After that last photo, things started getting bad. We drove into a snowstorm that was light at first, then by the time we hit Laramie, we were in whiteout conditions. I wasn't interested in photographing it, since I was just trying to stay in my lane and on the interstate.

We drove out of it by the time we hit Denver, though:

And we finally decided to call it a day when we reached Castle Rock, Colorado (south of Denver):

We're staying at the Super 8 in Castle Rock, where I was told there would be a wireless connection. And yes, there is a wireless connection... it's just, well, intermittent. So after multiple times doing the Repair function for this connection, I got the day's photos uploaded.

By the way, I talked to Mom earlier, and she said they saw THREE black bears today. THREE! I am so jealous. She got pictures, of course, but since they're not leaving until tomorrow, I won't get to see them and upload them for another couple of days.

Oops! The internet connection just went down AGAIN. Aaaaand now it's back. Gotta love this on-again, off-again thing.

For more pictures, see here and here.

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