Wednesday, April 11, 2007

The new bifocals are in

Hair looks crappy, makeup's all but gone, but by golly I can READ STUFF without tromboning it in and out looking for the sweet spot.

And I got SUNGLASSES, too. Nevermind how stinkin' much these things cost... or the fact that we're going to have to shell out a thousand bucks in copays for Alice's hospital stay next week.

Next Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday, Alice will be at Children's Hospital in Dallas for some extensive neurological testing so we can see just exactly what's going wrong. It's what we would've already had done in Minneapolis if we hadn't had to move last year.

The Monday after that, Rick and I both take the exam to try to get hired at Valero Oil in Ardmore, OK. They have eight "Yard Labor" positions open, and six hundred applicants. Yeah, our chances are pretty good! Thankfully it doesn't have the slightest bit to do with chance. If God wants either or both of us to work for Valero, he will most certainly see to it that it happens. All I need to do is to do the next thing, whatever that is.

And yes, I've also put in applications at school districts in the area.

We've finished up our Shakespeare units at school, and I'm starting them on the Greek stuff -- Homer, Sophocles, etc. Might as well end on a high note. SIX MORE WEEKS OF SCHOOL!!!

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