Saturday, March 31, 2007

Stuff I saw today

Today was an exquisitely beautiful day... as I drove through southern Oklahoma on the way home from Ardmore, the smell of growing grass and blooming things was almost unbearably sweet. I stopped along the highway several times to capture some of what I saw. Here's a little bit of it:

The dogwoods were happy little trees today... I dodged a number of fire-ant mounds to get to this beauty this afternoon.

The full moon:

And the full moon as seen over Lake Texoma:

The sun was setting behind me as I snapped this one.

Rick is working his first night shift at Wal-Mart tonight, coming home in the morning and preaching a sermon, then sleeping through the afternoon. If the weather's as nice tomorrow as it was today, I saw several lovely spots where I'd like to photograph the kids. That should also give Rick some quiet hours to sleep before having to go back in to work again tomorrow night.

I went to a job fair sponsored by the Sherman school district this morning and chatted with several administrative types. I've also put in an application in a few other places as well, not all of them education-related. We shall see...

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