Tuesday, March 27, 2007

I know it's only Tuesday, but...

I know it's not Friday night yet, but there were just a couple of photos I thought I should share with y'all:

Donatella Versace's daughter Allegra (did they name the allergy medicine after her, or was it the other way around?) came to her mom's show in a dress that does nothing to minimize her anorexia problem (which she is currently being treated for, it is said). Somehow the "shredded rags" oeuvre isn't as flattering as perhaps she was hoping. I hope she's able to beat the disorder, but somehow having Donatella Versace as a mom makes me want to lose my lettuce leaf lunch, too:

I tell you, this woman just frightens me. Perhaps she's a very nice person, but she's just so darn scary-looking, I don't know if I could stick around long enough to find out. Karl Lagerfeld has the same effect on me; I usually can tolerate or muster up an appreciation for their designs, but the designers themselves make me shudder in involuntary fear.

And finally, in the -- you guessed it -- Weird Hat of the Day category comes an odd creation which immediately brings to mind the fireworks you light on the driveway on July 4th every year and which, when lit, grow into twisty black charcoal foam snakes. You KNOW as soon as you look at this that that's exactly what Italian designer Cavagna was thinking of when this came about:It's either the Magic Black Snakes or it is some form of very large intestinal parasite that Cavagna contracted from eating a salad in a Bangkok slum.

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