Sunday, February 04, 2007

Super Bowl blogging

Weeeellll, the kids were bored after halftime, and we really don't have a dog in this fight, so I let them change the channel. But I did want to mention the first-half commercials that I particularly liked.

Bud Light - Rock, Paper, Scissors -- Bwahaha!!!

Doritos - first amateur-idea commercial -- nice work, guys, that was cute!!

Blockbuster - Clicking on the mouse -- LMHO!!!

FedEx - dangit! I missed it because I was tending to my sick kids. I'll go watch it later on the CBS web site, I guess

Sierra Mist - Combover -- wow, that's quite a combover... heh

Bud Light - Auctioneer wedding -- LOL

Snickers - Man-Kiss -- EWWW!!! That was hilarious!!!

Bud Light - English class -- LOL

CBS - Letterman & Oprah on the couch... Bwahahahaha!!

Coke - video game where the FPS is actually doing nice things for everyone -- ME LIKEEE

Garmin - Evil Mapasaurus -- LMHO - Teambuilding obstacle course over the cliff -- LMHO!!!

Doritos - checkout girl flirting with the customer -- LOL

Chevy - guys washing car because they want to get their hands on it, get naked, girls inside grossed out -- EWWWW that old man!!! Nah, doesn't make me want to buy a Chevy.

Bud Light - slap instead of knuckle-bump LOL

GM - robot dreaming of getting fired, committing suicide... a little creepy

"Wild Hogs" movie -- [shudder] GAG

Coke - inspires the old man to do all the stuff he always dreamed of doing - LOL

I think that my favorites among these first-half commercials would have to be the Snickers man-kiss, the CareerBuilder Team-Building, the amateur Doritos (VERY sharp-minded amateurs, that's what), and the BudLight rock-paper-scissors.

And I have always loved Prince -- he did a magnificent and gallant half-time show in the midst of the pouring rain. I was impressed. He kept right on going and it was marvelous. How droll to start off with a Queen cover, btw! And to end on "Purple Rain" was rather apropos. He looked terrific and there weren't any wardrobe malfunctions, PTL.

And what I wish we could see? The outtakes for the Snickers man-kiss commercial. [snort] I bet those guys had to get over laughing to finally get some usable footage.

Some ad agency should hire the folks who came up with the Doritos amateur commercial because it was very smart.

UPDATE: Here's where I went to watch the second half commercials and vote on my faves.

UPDATE: Oh, great. Snickers is getting lambasted for "gay-bashing" and promoting violence against gays. Good grief.

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