Sunday, February 04, 2007

New York Fashion Week

Ho, hum... honestly, I didn't see anything in the photo roundup from NY Fashion Week that interested me that much. But because I don't want to disappoint my readers, I chose a few samples to comment upon, nonetheless.

First up, we have the Williamson show... and the most notable thing wasn't anything being shown, but that one of the models came out of her shoes out on the runway.

"She picked them up and carried on, but doesn't look too pleased about the mishap.

In general, I don't mind the short dress when paired with black leggings, although I think that it's a look not well-worn by many. I did like Williamson's use of color, though. Short dressed paired with light-colored leggings, however, is even less transferable:

Lacoste was cute with their leaf-strewn runway, but I just feel like gritting my teeth when I see that leggings are back in the mainstream again. Those of us with meaty thighs and calves are just in a bad spot, here: we like wearing leggings because they're comfy, but the rest of the world just shouldn't have to look at it. Big Shirt + Leggings = 1987.

Subtle yet cool. However, not particularly practical. I certainly couldn't adapt it well to anything I might be able to wear. But that's true of about ninety-nine point nine percent of haute couture. I digress.

The girl wearing this outfit from the Tuleh collection ... well, for some reason, she just doesn't look real. The outfit is fine, I suppose; nothing stands out as offensive or attractive.

I love Alek Wek; I think she brings pizazz to a bland runway.

But could we please dress her in things that accentuate her femininity instead of making her look like a boy? Just asking. It seemed like a common problem among the pictures I saw of her this time around.

See what I mean? Eesh! These clothes are just not made for her. Can we find something that is?

This is pretty much all I saw from Rock & Republic that I had anything to say about...

It all looked very cheap, with women dressed in sleazy boy-clothes with their button plackets open all the way down. That's about it. Not impressed, guys.

Again with the Near-Death Chic?

Or a Vulcan schoolgirl on holiday? No, it's Alice Roi, at your service.

Alek Wek is back, this time for the Baby Phat show. They did a better job pairing her with a flattering dress:

But those boots?!? What the heck? Am I the only person who doesn't care for the "fluffy-top knee boots under the gorgeous ball gown" look? Yecch.

Lacoste also blurs some gender lines...

Schoolgirl/schoolboy? With a Little Lord Fauntleroy haircut? As a total aside, why do little boys in the movies always have that kind of haircut? I don't know any real little boys who'd be caught dead looking like that.

Britney showed up:

Let's all hope she was taking notes. I'm doubting it, really. She's a fashion disaster from beginning to end... no class, no charm, nothing but an empty, pretty head. A one-hundred percent Train Wreck.

Again, beautiful dress... wrong model. OR beautiful model and wrong dress. They're both correct in this case:

That was from Nicole Miller's lineup. Here's another one that I liked, paired with a more appropriate model:


Lots of big-name celebs took to the runway for the Red Dress Heart Truth show. Here's a memorable one I would never have imagined would walk a runway at Fashion Week:

Yep. That's Billie Jean King.

Nope. I can't think of anything to say.

Here you can see Alek Wek's face close-up:

See, she is strikingly lovely. I'm a fan. I just want her to be paired with outfits that don't exaggerate the more masculine aspects of her physique, that's all.

And that's all I have to say about NY Fashion Week this time around. Stay tuned for more fashion-blogging when the mood strikes me.

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