Saturday, February 17, 2007

The rah-een in Spah-een stah-ees mah-eenly in the plah-een

American dialects and their origins, how they're shifting, and some myths concerning them.

For example: It's spelled "coffee" all over the US, but do you say it "cahfee" or "cwaffee" or "cawfee"?

Veering off the subject slightly... why is it called "caffeine" and not "coffeine"?

Meh, no matter. Still opens my eyes in the morning, and I suppose that'll do.

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deXo said...

I have been wondering the same. Why is it called Caffeine and not Coffeine? I mean, the latter would make more sense since it is called 'coffee' and not 'caffee'.

And to make things even more confusing, in danish (I'm from Denmark) 'coffee' is called 'kaffe' (with an 'A') but 'caffeine' is called 'koffein' (with an 'O')...