Sunday, February 18, 2007

Happy New Year!!!

It's the year of the Pig... more specifically, the year of the Fire Pig. Here's what has to say about this:

Year of the Fire Pig

Forget everything you know about the easygoing, laid-back, roll-in-the-mud Pig. This is the year of the Fire Pig, and there will be fireworks aplenty. It should be a feel-good year loaded with excitement.

Water is the Pig's fixed element. In Chinese astrology, Water plus Fire equals disaster. Also, the fifth month of the Chinese calendar is the month of the Fire Horse. This will be a time of daring accomplishments and serious calamities.

The Fire Pig is nevertheless a Pig, and we need to remember what that means for us. The Pig is the 12th and last sign of the Chinese zodiac. We have come to the end of the cycle, and it's time to celebrate our accomplishments. Yes, it's party time! Be good to yourself this year; you've earned it. Family reunions, extended vacations and a spa membership are in order.

Like last year's sign, the Dog, the Pig calls us to focus on family. Now we need to concentrate more on relationships. It's a Fire year, a year filled with passion. What a great time to begin a new romance or take an existing one to a new level -- a vacation in Paris or Bali might be just the thing. When is the last time you shared a hot tub with your sweetheart? Make it a priority this year.

The West has its fat cats, and Chinese astrology has its fat pigs. We're talking money! Yes, this is a year to make more than a little, so be alert for opportunities.

It may seem incongruous to link the Pig with scholars, but the association is there; and it's a positive one, due in part to the fact that the Pig's fixed element is Water. This could thus be a very good year for those in academia.

Although Pig is the last year in the 12-year cycle, it is only the 24th in the larger, 60-year cycle. At this point it should be emphasized that 2007 is a Fire year. This is not a year for the faint of heart. On the positive side, Fire provides each of us the energy we need to initiate action, regardless of whether or not immediate attention is required. It is not a time to sit on the sidelines.

Fire and Pig together call us to work on vigorously attacking existing projects and completing them. It is not a particularly favorable time to conceive of and begin new ventures. With the clash of Fire and Water, now is not the time to take a lot of risk. Use the energy of positive Fire to raise your work level to a high intensity, but avoid the foolhardiness associated with negative Fire, and your business interests will prosper.

Since this is a Fire year, those people born in an Earth year will generally fare better than others of their animal sign, while those born in a Metal year are likely to do worse than those born in Wood, Fire, Earth and Water years.

Health issues vary not only by sign but by individual. Your best bet is to visit a Chinese doctor to have your balances checked and get some advice for the coming year. It is a Fire year, so one thing we can say in general is to be on the lookout for signs of stress and a tendency to overextend one's self.

2007 will be an exciting year. We will experience passion and crises on and off throughout the year. The Pig is a go-with-the-flow type. If you follow the Pig's example by enjoying life's pleasures and heating up your relationships, this will be a very memorable year indeed.

Of course, you know I think this is all a pile of firepig-poop, but it's certainly entertaining. Did you know that the Chinese zodiac is actually based on a 60-year cycle rather than a 12-year one, and that all the animals in the zodiac have a corresponding element (fire, water, earth, metal, wood)? I was born in the Year of the Fire Horse. How cool is that? Seems appropriate, really. Here's what the Chinese Horoscope section had to say about us Horses:

Horse Overview

The Pig is not a particularly good year for the Horse, but there will still be opportunities. And, since it is a Fire year, there will be plenty of the excitement and adventure you crave. In a year of mixed results timing is all important. Pick your spots wisely.

Horse Rating

50% (5 favorable and 7 unfavorable months)

Horse Career

In general the best you can expect in a Pig year is to maintain your position with perhaps slight progress. Do your best and make sure the Pig doesn't lead you into so much frivolity you neglect the job.

Horse Relationships

You're likely to get swept up in the passion associated with Fire and Pig. Go with it! If you find someone who interests you, don't hesitate to make a move. It may or may not last, but if you connect, you can bet it will be a hot romance. As for existing relationships, turn up the heat. It just might get you to the next level.

Horse Health

As with last year, this could be your biggest area of concern. It's even more critical to make your annual checkup, as the Pig is less favorable for you than the Dog. If something develops that seems like a problem, get it checked out right away. Vulnerability to stress is always a factor in a Fire year.

Horse Wealth

Generally this should be the kind of year where you make money but also spend it about as fast as it comes in. You're not likely to strike it rich; however, you should have more than enough money to afford some luxury. The Pig may not be a friend, but that is no reason to ignore its call to pamper yourself a bit.

I can go for the pampering thing. And excitement? Adventure? Bring it!!'s profile for a Horse is uncannily close to dead-on in a number of it's observations:

Thank goodness for open spaces, because the Horse needs plenty of room to roam! Energetic, good with money and very fond of travel, Horses are the nomads of the Chinese Zodiac, roaming from one place or project to the next. All of this Sign's incessant activity and searching may be to satisfy a deep-rooted desire to fit in. Paradoxically, Horses feel a simultaneous yearning for independence and freedom.

Horses crave love and intimacy, which is a double-edged sword since it often leads them to feel trapped. Love connections tend to come easily to Horses, since they exude the kind of raw sex appeal that is a magnet to others. This Sign tends to come on very strong in the beginning of the relationship, having an almost innate sense of romance and seduction. Horses are seducers in general; check out any A-list party and you're bound to find the Horse in attendance. This Sign possesses a sharp wit and a scintillating presence; it really knows how to work a crowd. Surprisingly, Horses tend to feel a bit inferior to their peers, a misconception that causes them to drift from group to group out of an irrational fear of being exposed as a fraud.

An impatient streak can lead Horses to be less than sensitive to others' needs. These colts would rather take a situation firmly in hand as opposed to waiting for others to weigh in or come to terms with it. The lone wolf inside the Horse can at times push others away, but this also makes this Sign stronger and is a key to its success. Horses are self-reliant and, though they might lose interest fast in a tedious, nine-to-five day job, are willing to do the work necessary to get ahead.

Horses tend not to look much at the big picture; instead they just follow their whims, which can result in a trail of prematurely ended relationships, jobs, projects and so on. This Sign really knows how to motivate others, though, and get a lot accomplished. Once they find some peace within themselves, they can curb their wandering tendencies and learn to appreciate what's in their own backyard.

The most compatible match for a Horse is the Dog or the Tiger.

Whatev. I'm not going to specify which of these observations fits me to a "T"... let's just say that there are quite a number of them. heh

Anyhoo... I'm a Horse. What are YOU? Go here to find out, if you don't already know. You can't always go by what the little place-mat at the Chinese restaurant says, because the Chinese year is based on the lunar calendar, so especially if your birthday is in January or February, you might want to check.

Why am I bothering with this? I don't know. It's a bunch of bunk. I guess it's just funny to me. I couldn't possibly take any of it seriously. I hope you don't, either.

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