Friday, February 23, 2007

More Friday night fashionblogging

I'm on a roll, I guess. Here are a few items from Milan Fashion Week that I thought deserved commentary of some sort.

First of all, can someone explain to me the colored fake-fur trend? It showed up in Armani's collection and in Etro's, too, which makes four different major designers using it in their Fall/Winter 2007/2008 collections:



And is this Missoni ensemble an indicator that the infamous Holiday Sweater might be about to make a comeback?

Put this particular little number by Pucci down as something I'd actually wear and love. This is just so me. I could probably construct something similar with paua shells, if I just really had the hankering. Nonetheless, I love it.

As an aside, does this picture of Macy Gray look like someone in drag to you? [shudder] Honey, I suppose it could be possible for you to wear something even more unflattering than this, but I'm not sure:

I really liked most of Belstaff's collection. It seemed very wearable, even for someone shaped like me. I don't think I'll go for the Tin-Man Tights, really, and the Death-Warmed-Over model makeup is so typical and so ugly, but otherwise these next two Belstaff items were ones I liked very much:

I thought this green gown by Cavalli was a stunner. Absolutely lovely, and with a bit of a Greek/Egyptian flair as well:

Off With Her Head! said the Queen of Hearts. Marras displays its rendition of a Madame Alexander doll on methamphetamines:

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