Wednesday, February 21, 2007

More Chinese astrology stuff

Again, not something I believe in... not even an iota... it's purely entertainment. But it's also a very interesting peek into the Eastern culture and mindset, particularly of those who subscribe wholly or even partially to such things. I find it says more about the people who spend their time and livelihoods building personal scenarios to fit into this scheme somehow. Desire for control, perhaps? We all have that desire, built into our systems from the beginning... and then a desire to believe in the supernatural -- combined with the desire to somehow manipulate that supernatural force into creating circumstances which please us.

Okay, that's more philosophical than I wanted to get. I need my beauty sleep. You see:

After all, I am a high school English teacher. It's my calling. As Donald Fagen said on his most recent album, Morph the Cat: "It's what I do."

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