Saturday, February 24, 2007

Dust In The Wind

The wind was rather high in the North Ruralville vicinity... so high that when I left home this afternoon to head for band practice, here's what it looked like hereabouts:

This is looking north on my street.

Beautiful downtown North Ruralville, Texas

No, North Ruralville hasn't got any stoplights. Are you crazy? Anyhow, this is in Whitesboro, a few miles north of us.

The sun, I'm pretty sure. There weren't any clouds -- it would've been a regular sunny day if most of the topsoil in Cooke County, Texas hadn't been blowing over us.

On the way up to Ardmore, Oklahoma, the wind was brutal on I-35. So brutal, in fact, that we were re-routed around an overturned semi that was blown partially off an overpass. All in all, I was thankful to get to practice. Here's a quick pic of the setup I'm playing on there:

That's their Korg Triton up top, and my Roland RS-70 below. They use the Korg to sequence in a click-track for our in-ear monitors and extra instrumentals to fill out the sound. It's quite a nice arrangement, really, and I've had to jump in with both feet and learn how to run the sequencer.

This is the stage area for the church. It's in an old downtown industrial building and it's still a work-in-progress right now. I love the atmosphere there among the people.

The drum set. It's a Yamaha electronic kit, but I don't know the model number.

Bill (the lead guitarist) plays on a nifty Paul Reed Smith with a terrific sound. I like PRSes; the first one I ever heard played was back in the Soulfire days when Timmy would put his acoustic Breedlove aside and fire up his silver PRS. I liked it then, and I like it now. The guitar in the background belongs to the drummer.

I like this group of people, and I hope we're able to continue working together. The sound is excellent and there's loads of potential down the road.

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