Thursday, January 04, 2007

Target practice

Did you know that there's actually a newspaper in California (where else but on the Left Coast) that has a Squirrel of the Month? It's actually called The Acorn, no less. Sheesh. Not only that, their January skwerl honoree was photographed absconding birdseed from a bird feeder (see below). Seems to me they'd want to honor a squirrel with values... one who didn't exhibit such outright criminal behavior as an example to the youths of America. Of course, I'm sure I would be considered a bigot for my views that all skwerls are evil and that it is in a skwerl's nature to be a thief and a vandal. They'd probably like to put me behind bars on charges of hate crime since I see a photograph like this and feel an overpowering urge to use it as pellet-gun target practice.

Varmints... the skwerls AND their Big Media protectors.

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