Saturday, January 13, 2007

Ladies and Gentlemen, We Have a Winner

Earlier in the week I posted this photo and announced a Caption Contest. I received a generous number of hilarious submissions, and choosing the winner proved to be beyond my individual capabilities, so I chose some highly qualified judges to help me.

After much consideration, I'm ready to announce the winner.

"Al Gore presents his speech on Global Warming
to an interested audience in Iraq."

submitted by Wolfman Dan

Honorable Mention to BlueFish for "Former jihadi suicide bomber Muhammed Abu Bomba and his 72 virgins enjoy an afternoon of baseball in Paradise" and to Laura for "'Wow, doing the wave is going to be difficult,' he said to himself glumly."

This has been a week of laughter for me as I come home from school and fire up the laptop to see the latest submissions. Thank you SO MUCH for participating!!!!!

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