Tuesday, January 02, 2007

Couture commentary

Browsing through the online world of fashion, I came across a few items of interest.

Here, we have a pair of Marc Jacobs flats that look almost exactly like a navy-blue pair of Pappagallos I used to wear with my sailor-dress with puffed sleeves back in 1987. Someone tell me these aren't back in fashion already. I can already see the women with poofy hairsprayed bangs and big velvet bows on a half-ponytail. [shudder] If we must revive something from the eighties, can't it be something with a little more class than the ballet flat? Such as, an updated penny loafer?

Yes, these Via Spigas certainly fit that "retro" bill without being too stodgy and outdated. Cute!!

"Help!" she screamed, "I'm being attacked by bows!" Perhaps I just have an innate fear of bows stemming from a bad girls'-choir experience back in my college days. Man, could those Baptist-college chicks lay on the AquaNet. Makes me wheeze just to think of it. Anyhoo, back to the topic at hand. Who in their right mind would WEAR something like this? If one simply must have frilly stuff on one's sweater, choose this instead:

A much more stylish and up-to-date shape, without the scary bows creeping up the right arm and multiplying. That bow sweater just looks too much like dragonflies or spiders crawling up the arm... yuggh. But this Roberto Cavalli number takes the stodginess out of sweaters and replaces it with class and curve. Nice.

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