Tuesday, November 07, 2006


I was hoping I'd get a nibble from my Left-leaning acquaintances... but I never expected I'd hear from Jeff Gitchel of Trainorphans! And Jeff, you're completely correct -- there are some nincompoops who claim Right-wardness who've said some pretty stoopid stuff. The Westboro Whack-Jobs who paraded their pathetic viewpoints in Des Moines (great pic today of that, btw) do not speak for anyone but themselves, methinks. What they've obviously done to their children is not dissimilar to what the Palestinians do to their own children, although unlike the Palis they're not killing anyone with their viewpoints. But yes, there are some Repubs who've done and said some pretty idiotic stuff.

That being said, I feel very strongly that the climate within the Left is overly obsessed with hatred for W -- instead of being obsessed with what's best for our country -- and I think it's really sad that it's not just fringe-freaks, it's those who are poised to become pivotal leaders within our governing bodies.

Just my opinion. I will defend -- to the death if necessary -- your right to disagree with me. I just believe that the imminent danger of Islamic fascism presents such a dire threat to humanity that it must be stopped. Not reasoned with. Or run away from. I honestly don't care who's in power in DC, I just want the perpetrators of this ideology -- and of the terrorist acts that always accompany it -- eliminated. I just don't see this kind of resolve from the Left.

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