Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Light blogging over the next few days

In the process of switching homes, the internet service has been disconnected and re-connected at the new house, even though we're not quite in it yet. I've actually toted my laptop over here to the new place and I'm sitting in the bedroom floor (lounging on that loverly mauve madness carpet)(gag!) trying to keep up with my e-mails. There is a pitiful dearth of electrical outlets... the light switches are a complete and utter mystery... the lingering musty smell is choking... we've got a lot of work to do. [sigh]

That being said, I'm leaving town this weekend for a brief pre-birthday visit with my bestest pal in the wholewideworld. Hey, I only turn 40 once, and that fateful day will be a week from today, if the Lord tarries. A girl ought to have just a leetle fun before she faces the bleak gray years of middle age, no? [ducking]

I went to Fort Worth this afternoon to visit my two students who'd been in the wreck. One's going home tomorrow, although she's got a lot of physical therapy ahead of her because her pelvis is broken, she has a cracked vertebra, a broken tailbone, numerous stitches on her eye and right arm and hand, etc... but she's alert and talking and in all other respects normal. Her sister, however, is another story. She was still in ICU, on a ventilator, with a major neck brace and all kinds of tubes and monitors. She was unresponsive when I was there, although she was probably just heavily sedated; her grandma said she had actually opened her eyes and squeezed someone's hand earlier. She had also had a seizure, and she isn't communicative. It'll be interesting to see how she progresses and what shape she finally ends up in.

Some students were saying that it might've been a blessing that they weren't wearing seatbelts because the car rolled so much that it was almost completely crushed flat. I have to wonder, though, whether it's better to be trapped in a car or thrown free... seems more reasonable to me that restraints would be the better option, but I don't know.

Any-hoo, I'm completely tuckered out and I need to get back to where my bed is. I should be able to post, although the Fortune Cookie and English Lesson features look like they'll have to be curtailed again this week until I'm settled. Patience, my friends!

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