Monday, November 27, 2006


Resveratrol... pronounced res VEH ruh trawl... and as I was catching up on some back podcasts of The Naked Scientists today during my conference period while grading papers, this piqued my interest (scroll down to the first item under the heading "Text Transcript.") Dr. Chris isn't the only one I've heard mention this recent study, but I don't remember where else I heard it. Nonetheless, I thought it worth a mention here.

CBS also put up an article about it: More On Resveratrol

It's tempting to rush right out and grab up the Resveratrol supplements, but I can't find on the internet anywhere what a proper dose of the stuff should be -- and until someone gives me that information, I'll wait on that GNC purchase. For all I know, I'd need to take an entire bottle of one brand each day, and another brand might overdose me with half a capsule.

At any rate, it's an extremely interesting study and I look forward to hearing more about this substance and its possible health benefits in the (hopefully near) future.

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