Monday, November 27, 2006

Cool party

It's the Marie Claire fashion awards in Spain, and Mischa Barton and Claudia Schiffer are hanging out with uber-weirdo Karl Lagerfeld. Yes, those are silver gloves he's wearing. Don't ask; I have no idea.

Mischa Barton is really, really pretty. She looks sweet in that white satin dress.

Claudia's got on a nice Chanel white silk that's quite classy and which defers to its designer standing next to her. For some goofy reason her face has always reminded me of HotLips Hulahan; why is that?

I tend not to care for Lagerfeld's style, which leans toward pretentious and stuffy country-clubbish, but I like that dress Schiffer's sporting. Of course I could never wear it myself, but the artist in me appreciates beauty and aesthetic merit when I see it. I actually could see my little sister wearing it and looking even more stunning than usual...

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