Sunday, October 29, 2006

Moving again

Just a few blocks away, mind you. North Ruralville isn't a big place.

This house is next door to the church Rick is supply-preaching at, and it is owned by one of the church members (who has assured us that, even if we do not stay at Teeny Tiny Church, we can continue to live there). The house is about the same size, but it's in much better shape AND it'll cost us a hundred dollars a month less.

For a hundred dollars a month, I might be able to resign myself to walking on this delightful pink shag carpeting.

It'll be rough, I know, but I suppose having a hot tub in the sun room will be okay.

Peppermint! Smells terrific when you walk over it.

And the only thorns we could find were these lovely tea roses. Here's an October blossom for us all to enjoy. Hey -- beats a yard full of sandburrs, for sure.

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