Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Homecoming traditions

Okay, when I was teaching up north, I described a tradition I'd grown up with, and the girls in that high school just could not believe I was serious... a Homecoming Mum?

Well, here's the proof:

I know that the girl in the photo wouldn't have minded my posting her picture, but I'm not going to do it anyway, just to protect her privacy. At any rate, I'm not making fun of her at all -- this was a beautiful Homecoming Mum and I snapped a photo of it so all you Northerners (and whoever else doesn't do this) would know what I was talking about. It's a corsage, usually of silk flowers now (although it was often fresh when I was younger, just because silk flowers were crappier back then) and it has satin ribbons hanging to the knee or thereabouts. Some of the ribbons might have a teeny cowbell tied to it, or a little gold football, or even sometimes twinkling lights (!!)

Nobody at the Other High School Up North wore anything to the game... most of them didn't even go to the football game, to be honest. They did go to the Homecoming Dance, which was very much like a Prom in that everyone wore formals. Down here in North Ruralville, there was a dance afterward, but it was casual.

What were YOUR high school's Homecoming traditions?

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