Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Did you know...

Did you know that squirrels will eat birds?

I didn't. Well, not until now. Check this out, from the ContraCosta Times Online:

Bird-toting Squirrel
Dear Gary:

I saw something the other day that I can't get out of my mind and if I didn't have someone else with me, no one would believe it.

My sister and I were admiring a red squirrel running up the tree right outside of our kitchen window. He seemed to have something in his mouth so I commented to my sister that he had a big nut to store for the winter. When I got closer and he looked at us through the window, I saw that he had a yellow finch in his mouth!

I couldn't tell if the bird was dead or not but he was carrying it up the tree. He looked so diabolical that I can't seem to get his expression out of my mind. Whoever heard of a squirrel eating a finch?

I thought I better get the scoop on this guy so when I am out walking the trails of the Open Space and see one of these frisky so-called nut-eaters, I won't have to run away for fear of being chased.

Michelle in cyberspace

Dear Michelle:

While fox squirrels primarily dine on nuts, fruit, young leaves, new buds and bark, they also need animal protein in their diet.

Squirrels supplement their diets by robbing an occasional baby bird or egg out of a nest. They also nibble on the fresh remains of road kills and other dead animals when they come across them. Your squirrel probably found the dead finch and was carrying it up to its nest to eat.

Unless you're dressing up as a giant peanut for Halloween, I don't think you have anything to worry about from those frisky little nut-eaters.

See? They're evil, maniacal bird-killers too! Skwerls = bad, bad, bad!

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