Friday, October 27, 2006

Bargain hunting

I can pick up these three items for a nice brown ensemble, and would only spend about $300 altogether. I think that's pretty good. Of course, I say that with tongue firmly in cheek -- maybe the East Coast set would think that's a good deal, but unless I could get all three for under $100, I probably would never be able to let myself do it. We just don't make that kind of dough, yanno?

My best friend, the One Who Knows Fashion, is probably gagging over the non-pointed-toe boots. I just, for some reason, have never been fond of the way pointy-toed shoes look. They just don't look nice, to me. I'm uncomfortable wearing them, perhaps because I have such short legs and I'm not terribly graceful. Besides, I'm quite fond of my very small feet and ankles -- it's the only petite thing I have besides my height. Why would I want to make my feet look bigger?

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