Thursday, September 07, 2006

Evil un-patriotic squirrel

Cemetery's flags found in squirrel's nest

EAU CLAIRE, Wis. Sep 7, 2006 (AP)-- Groundskeepers at Forest Hill Cemetery thought it was kids who were stealing dozens of American flags. That is, until one found a giant squirrel's nest.

"I was mowing, looked up out into the distance, and something caught my eye," said Dave Ender, a groundskeeper employed by the Eau Claire Parks and Recreation Department.

He drove his riding lawnmower to a nearby street intersection and looked up a tree.

"Low and behold, I found the missing flags," Ender said.
There's my next Daily English lesson...
They were ripped and serving as the foundation of a giant squirrel nest.

"I never seen anything like that before," he said.

No one at the cemetery had ever seen a squirrel with a flag in its mouth, either.

"They must have done it at night, or very early in the morning," Ender said.

"Those little rascals, they're just amazing," he said.
Wisconsin liberals... they would think that squirrels, particularly unAmerican squirrels, were "amazing." I prefer them "well done." Anyway, can't you just hear this guy's Wisconsin drawl, and see him staring slack-jawed up into a tree? Eesh.

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