Thursday, September 07, 2006

Do you know where YOUR fourteen-year-old daughter is?

Imagine this being the guy who's been seducing your 14-year-old daughter over the internet... the guy who's now in a hotel room with her...


Internet pedophile jailed

An Icelandic man who groomed a girl over the internet before travelling to Britain to abuse her has been jailed.

Gudni Snaebjornsson, 23, from Reykjavik, pleaded guilty to sexual grooming and sexual assault after being caught with the 14-year-old in a hotel.

Police found Snaebjornsson and the girl in bed together last February.


Shop assistant Snaebjornsson and the girl were traced to the Keirby Hotel in Burnley when the youngster failed to return home after telling her mother she was staying with a friend.

She went with him WILLINGLY, even after seeing him in person... yet more evidence of the stupidity of fourteen-year-old girls.

Her mom had better be embarrassed... not only for the fact that she allowed her 14-yr-old daughter to cruise the 'net unsupervised... but for raising a daughter who would even look twice at someone like this creep.

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