Sunday, September 17, 2006

Back in God's country

I can tell I'm back in God's country, because I'm watching the Dallas Cowboys walk all over the Washington Redskins (always a satisfying pastime). For the past eleven years I've been in football hell... up there on the northern plains, they must think that people only want to watch the Kansas City Chiefs (ewww!) or the Green Bay Packers or even -- [shudder] -- the Minnesota Vikings. Did you know there are actually people who like those teams and watch them and want to wear their jerseys? I kid you not.

I think the Redskins had more penalty yards than they actually gained on the field. Sheesh, the yellow flags were darting around on practically every play. That might just be one of the suckiest Redskins teams I've seen in a long time. The Cowboys kinda dragged during the first half, I think, but they came out like professionals in the last half and played some real football.

T.O. is getting his hand x-rayed. I swear, I'm sick of T.O. and I wish he'd just go away. He seems like a big, spoiled baby that needs pampering and special treatment. I'd rather do without whatever fabulous talent he may possess. I'm sick of showboats.

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