Saturday, August 12, 2006

Vote for the best advertising slogan

Favorite Slogan

Your choices are:
Don't Mess With Texas (from the TX Dept of Transportation)

Ideas For Life (Panasonic)

We Deliver For You (USPS)

Have It Your Way (Burger King)

The Best A Man Can Get (Gillette)

A Diamond Is Forever (DeBeers)

Give A Hoot, Don't Pollute (USDA Forest Service)

The Incredible, Edible Egg (American Egg Board)

Only You Can Prevent Forest Fires (USDA Forest Service)

Friends Don't Let Friends Drive Drunk (Ad Council)

This Is Your Brain On Drugs (Parnership For A Drug-Free America)

The Breakfast Of Champions (Wheaties)

It Takes A Tough Man To Make A Tender Chicken (Perdue)

Good To The Last Drop (Maxwell House)

We Answer To A Higher Authority (Hebrew National)

It's Not TV. It's HBO. (HBO)

Mm Mm Good! (Campbell's Soup)

Just Do It. (Nike)

Work Hard. Fly Right. (Continental)

Raising The Bar. (Cingular)

Take A Bite Out Of Crime. (National Crime Prevention Council)

Got Milk? (California Milk Processors Board)

When It Absolutely, Positively Has To Be There Overnight. (FedEx)

Time To Make The Donuts. (Dunkin' Donuts)

Nothing Beats A Great Pair Of L'eggs. (L'eggs)

What Happens Here, Stays Here. (Las Vegas Convention & Visitors Authority)

Go vote for Texas, y'all!!!!!

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