Sunday, August 13, 2006

I hate squirrels, Part MCMXLVIII

Yet another example of the evil of these creatures...

Squirrel Attacks in Winter Park, Florida

Apparently there have been seven... SEVEN... people attacked by this maniacal rodent... one of them a three-year-old boy. I guarantee you if that had been MY son, the rodent would've suffered a torturous end right then and there. Ain't no rat gonna bite MY kid and keep breathing air.

The kids and I were driving home this afternoon with a severe thunderstorm on our heels, and while we were driving through one of the towns on the highway to North Ruralville, a squirrel dashed out in front of the van and suicided under my tires. I smiled and silently thanked him for saving me the effort of swerving to hit him.

Vile beasts.

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