Wednesday, August 23, 2006

Seven years ago I was...

Yet another meme; this one I saw on LaShawn's blog last Friday.

Seven years ago TODAY ... about three hours from now, actually... I went into labor while sitting at the computer IMing with a girlfriend from California.

But just seven years ago in general? Here's seven things I experienced in 1999:

1. Alice learned to walk and talk.
2. I was pregnant, had an ultrasound to determine that I was having a girl, then delivered a BOY by cesarean section after 22 hours of labor.
3. Our house was broken into while we were gone on vacation; our TV, stereo, VCR, pole fans, and a handmade quilt were all stolen. They didn't touch my iMac.
4. We housed a very cool summer missionary named Keri.
5. Ginormous family reunion on Memorial Day weekend in Ada, Oklahoma.
6. I had postpartum depression. It's definitely real, and Tom Cruise is a blithering idiot.
7. I began a Yahoo Groups e-mail list for women who had undergone obesity surgery and who were considering becoming pregnant (or already were); that list now has well over 3,000 members.

How about you? What were YOU doing seven years ago?

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