Monday, August 21, 2006

La cucaracha! La cucaracha!

Just now I went into my bedroom and noticed Bijou sniffing around my suitcase on the floor. I watched her for a moment, then saw something dark scurry away.

Dear God, please let that be a cricket.

I knew it wasn't a cricket, though, because it didn't move like a cricket.

I scooted my suitcase and La Giganta Cucaracha scurried out.

GAH!!! I grabbed a sandal and began hunting. It scrambled in and out, and went under my suitcase. I picked up my suitcase and upended it. No cockroach. I turned over clothes baskets. No cockroach. Then I looked at my suitcase itself. La Cucaracha was clinging surreptitiously to the dark underside of the suitcase. Perfect! I smacked her hard with my sandal and she fell, twitching, to the floor.

[shudder] I wonder how long it will take before I finally grow accustomed to the idea of bugs in the house again? I'm just not used to it, and it gives me a bit of a freakout when I encounter one. Thank goodness there haven't been many.

Rick, you'd be proud of me. I've even killed some large-ish members of the arachnid family. The only thing that motivates me to do it is this two-fold truth: 1) I'm the only one who can, and 2) If I don't, the creature will still be in my house and I won't know where it is. That, I canNOT bear.

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