Sunday, July 16, 2006

Master's Voice

My cousin Jess is married to a Southern Gospel singer who travels with a group called "Master's Voice." They actually came through Iowa and were in Ankeny tonight at a Lutheran church, so Rick and the kids and I drove up to see them.

This is John (my cousin's husband) and his cousin Ricky.

Ricky, Drew and John

The Holy Trinity Lutheran Church in Ankeny has a really lovely sanctuary. Their stained glass is quite beautiful.

Here are some other photos of their stained glass, just because I thought it was so nicely done:

Southern Gospel music, in and of itself, is not my particular cup o' tea. However, these guys are young, funny and very talented. They do a terrific job and they're booked up every weekend for at least three or four performances. They travel around the country three or four times a year and have gotten quite popular.

We all had supper together afterwards at Chili's and laughed until we cried at all the funny things they said and did. I thought Martha was going to fall out of her chair, she laughed so hard.

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