Sunday, July 16, 2006

Adventureland Day

Every summer Rick's company (Quebecor World Printing, Waukee IA division) pays for all the employees and their families to go to Adventureland, which is the local amusement park here in Des Moines.

The happy kids with Daddy, at the beginning of the day.

Isaac & Alice enjoying the Chuckwagon ride

This is the face Martha wore most of the day today. It was hot and humid; I could hardly blame her. None of us really even wanted to ride many rides. I would've been glad to hop onto the rollercoasters or the Sidewinder or even the Inverter, but no-one was in the mood. It was just too hot. Plus it seems like the kids are in an in-between stage; none of them are brave enough to ride the real rides, but the kiddie rides are too babyish for them. I was thankful we hadn't paid our own money to come, that's for sure.

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