Friday, June 23, 2006

Whoa... dude...

Since I posted about not using your cell phone during a lightning storm... maybe you shouldn't ride a motorcycle during a lightning storm either.

Motorcyclist killed in rush-hour lightning strike
WESTMINSTER, Colorado (AP) -- A motorcyclist died after he was struck by lightning while riding in rush hour traffic between Denver and Boulder, police said.

Witnesses reported seeing a flash of light shortly before the motorcyclist struck the center divider on U.S. 36 Wednesday, police spokesman Tim Read said.

Gary Missi, 46, of Longmont was pronounced dead at the scene. (Watch where lightning gouged the asphalt -- 1:09)

A coroner's investigation was under way to determine whether the lightning bolt, the collision or something else caused his death, Read said.

The lightning blasted a 4-inch-deep hole in the highway and sent chunks of asphalt hurtling across the highway.

Phew. Whatta way to go.

I was always forbidden to go near motorcycles as a child. Just before I was born, my dad's very best friend Freddy was killed while riding his motorcycle. Then when I was a middle-schooler, my dad's brother was riding his motorcycle without a helmet and wrecked (probably had been consuming mind-altering substances, I dunno). He spent quite a while in a coma, I think; in fact, he was in the hospital along with his wife, who was giving birth to their third child. He survived, however, extremely physically disabled... yet he would be the first to say that God used his foolishness to get his attention, and he gave his life to Christ and things turned around a little bit.

Anyway, motorcycles were absolute anathema, and I can honestly say that I never rode one ever until this past fall, when one of the guys in the band at church took me for a brief ride on his beautiful Harley. (aside: Mom, it's okay. He went very slowly and we were only on residential streets and I survived and I haven't gone out and bought one, nor will I, so just chill, 'k? 'sall good.)

Of course, I suppose if it's your time to go, it's going to happen. The guy was probably operating his motorcycle appropriately, with helmet on and using proper procedure... and he got smoked with a lightning bolt. Wow.

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