Saturday, May 27, 2006

Today's fortune cookie

This one's dedicated to my very bestest friend in the whole wide world. She has seen me through some of the hardest things in my life, and she has talked me out of doing a lot of unnecessary things. She gives the best fashion advice I've ever received and can cut through a lot of crap to get to the heart of an issue (because she understands that I'm easily distracted and that I don't always see things objectively). She makes amazing food. She loves my children as if they were her own. She's the only person I know personally who has been in top-secret government meetings and who's been questioned by a special prosecutor before a federal grand jury.

It's nice to have someone who automatically takes my side... who truly understands... who always has a shovel ready in case I need to bury the evidence.

Love ya, Cindy.

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