Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Rotten little stinkers!!

My house is definitely not kitten-proofed. I just found some suspicious-looking bite marks in my iPod cord.

These babies have totally perked up in these 24 hours of living with us; they've begun mixing it up with one another gleefully, dashing through the house looking for bits of crackly paper to bite, and even chasing Bijou. Kaji is already totally happy eating canned cat food, while Nai-Yana wants none of it and still prefers kitten formula. Nai-Yana, however, is already quite adept at using the litterbox. Kaji hasn't seemed interested in that.

I need to take them to see my vet and start getting their distemper vaccinations and such, but it'll have to wait until next week when I return from the wedding.

Yay! I'm leaving for Texas TOMORROW!!!!

Two big pieces of pink tissue paper + Two lilac/tortie-point Siamese kittens = UNBELIEVABLE CUTENESS

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