Sunday, April 16, 2006


Well, it's finally The Week... the week that the team from church is leaving for a trip to Montreal, Quebec, to encourage and support a small church there (in Blainville, actually, a suburb of Montreal).

Four worship-team members are part of the mission team, so we're going to do some worship-leading while we're there. We've been getting together to run through some songs to have in our repertoire, and on Tuesday night we're going to pack all the equipment into the trailer so we'll be ready to pull out at 6 AM on Wednesday.

I've had so much other stuff going on in my life, the Quebec trip has been sort-of a hazy thing coming up sometime in the future. Now it's imminent, and I'm going to go, and I'm finally getting the chance to really get excited about it.

I'll take my laptop along and try to catch a wi-fi somewhere along the way.

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