Friday, April 14, 2006

And the winner is...


We beat out three other bands tonight to advance to the final round, where we'll take on the winners of two other preliminary rounds. The big winner gets an expenses-paid trip to the blues festival in Memphis this summer, 8 hours of recording time in a studio, some $$$, etc...

After a brief bout of "What was I thinking?" nerves before any of the evening festivities began, I recovered and managed to make it through the entire set, remembering every key change, keyboard-voice change, B-3 Leslie switch, volume adjustment, etc. The 45 minutes went by in an absolute blur! What a great time, and what a packed house of great people came out to hear an evening of hot blues music. This was no dive-bar populated by half the town drunks; no, this place was full of some very cool people.

Now I get to try to settle down and get a couple of hours of sleep.

Good luck with that. I'm stoked.

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