Tuesday, April 11, 2006

48 hours from now...

I'll be at Blues On Grand doing my best Etta James rendition.

I can hardly think of anything else. Oh, I got plenty of work done today, never fear. I find menial paperwork to be almost comforting when I'm this keyed-up.

I never EVER get nervous when I play at church, but at church I don't have people scoring my performance! Or if they do, they're there for the wrong reasons. Actually, the word performance is at the heart of the issue. When I'm playing at church, I'm not performing. I'm worshipping, and I'm leading others to join me in doing the same... almost more like my familiar role as a teacher, never as an entertainer. Whenever the notion of entertainment enters in, it repulses me. I'm not there to make the people happy; I'm there to make God happy by doing what he made me to do. If anyone else is happy, great.

That's all different this time. I'm most certainly there as an entertainer, and our success hinges on our collective ability to entertain. That factor alone brings out the nerves.

48 hours.

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