Sunday, April 30, 2006

100 word philosophizing

I enjoy the 100-word writing exercise sometimes. It forces you to be concise and precise; and helps you whittle away all but the most essential.

I just got a major surprise from an acquaintance, and it made me think. I decided I'd try to encapsulate my thoughts into 100 words. Here's my attempt:

Once in a while, things you think are "this way" are really "that way" and have been so all along. I wonder how old I will have to be before things stop taking me by surprise.

People all around me are trapped in one kind of cage or another, and are expending great effort to pretend they're not.

How many people realize their mistakes and choose to do nothing about them? Why are those people somehow less guilty than those who choose to take action to rectify the original wrong?

Is anyone out there truly happy? I'm beginning to wonder.

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