Wednesday, March 08, 2006

Ten ways I annoy my husband (without really trying)

I'm taking a cue from Mel on this one... she posted a funny entry yesterday with this same title, and it resonated with me. I told Rick what I was doing, and his comment was, "Only ten?"

So here goes:

10. It doesn't matter how many laundry baskets he buys; I will fill them up with laundry and dress myself out of them. I never put away my clothes, I just wash them and dig through the baskets to find what I want to wear. For the entire fifteen-plus years we've been married, he's been figuring out ways to help me get organized. You'd think after this long, he'd give up. But it certainly annoys him when he's looking for an empty laundry basket and they're all in use...

9. I can walk by a piece of trash on the floor and not even see it, much less pick it up and put it in the trash can.

8. When he's home, I'm either asleep or I'm heading out the door.

7. I don't care about money, don't care to understand it, could live with it or without it, don't keep track of what I spend, etc...

6. I inadvertently leave a dirty dish wherever I was sitting at the time, and I don't realize I've left it there.

5. He really hates it when I come into the TV room while I'm on the phone and he's trying to watch Sci-Fi Channel.

4. I have a habit of covering every single flat surface in the house with my stuff. I've just gotta spread out; I don't know why, I just do.

3. I'm impulsive by nature and I do things without thinking.

2. I can't be bothered to write notes to remind myself of things, and even if I do write a note, it won't matter because I either won't look at it when I need to or I'll lose the note.

1. I can't be systematized, quantified, or logically explained.

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