Thursday, March 30, 2006

Kill your kid and win an iPod!!!!

Rob over at Say Anything has noticed that Planned Parenthood has a new incentive to come in for an appointment at their clinic.

As usual, I am disgusted (but not one bit surprised) by them and everything they stand for.

I will freely admit that I once was an ardent supporter of the abortion lobby. I took a Philosophy course during my senior year of college, and I read the famous Thomson essay "A Defense of Abortion." It totally swayed me to her side for several years. It was obviously unfair that women were forced to become pods for nine months for a being they did not consent to share themselves with.

Eventually, however, it occurred to me that very little about life is "fair." It just IS what it IS. The baby didn't ask to get put in there, either, and might not have chosen that particular womb... but that's where it is. And it comes down to God. God's will, God's plan, etc.

And so I made the switch. Sure, it's not fair, but since when has anything been fair? It isn't about what's fair, it's about what's right.

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