Friday, July 01, 2005

Carnival of the Recipes

The last time I hosted the Carnival, I had so much fun that I decided to organize it just like I did then. I'm a colorful kind of gal, as you might guess from reading my other posts and by admiring the beautiful format of my blog (put together by none other than Sir Kevin, one of the regulars at IMAO and who posts his snarky and brilliant Photoshop satire at Me The Mountaineer). He took several of my own watercolor paintings and made them into what you see here. What a guy!

Anyway, my own dear grandmother Martha Lee Poindexter Martin was a Home Economics major in college back in the 1940s, and one of the things she always stresses to us is that our mealtimes should not only be nutritious, they should be colorful -- which is also a way to ensure a variety of nutrients as well as aesthetics. Therefore, whenever I host the Carnival, it's going to be by the color wheel.

UPDATE!!! I accidentally left out a couple of recipes. First, let's do a little flag-waving... or maybe flag jiggling? ALa from Blonde Sagacity has made a lovely patriotic Jell-O dish that's so pretty you almost don't want to eat it. But those blueberries and strawberries look incredibly tasty. I bet this one didn't last long!!

To take to your 4th-of-July picnic potluck, try these little numbers: Cream Cheese Rollups, courtesy of Christine at Coffeeworks.

Finally, I forgot Sissy too. I'm such a schmuck. I am so sorry! Sissy submits something that probably smells heavenly while it's baking: Apple Cake. I love apple cake.

The low end of the spectrum of visible light shows up as RED, so here's what we've got in the RED category:

Just reading the name Chilled Strawberry Soup gives me a happy, summery feeling. Thanks to the Headmistress at The Common Room for this lovely recipe.

In her delightfully deep-pink blog, ArmyWifeToddlerMom submits her recipe for Southern Fried Chicken. This one's a winner, folks. I know this because I myself am a fried-chicken gourmet/connoisseur, and I can recognize the good stuff when I see it!

Deliciously juicy, tomato-y red -- a very tasty color! Punctilious of Like News But Tasty offers up Mahi-Mahi with Fresh Tomatoes. Doesn't that just sound fabulous?

With some red onions, Frazzled Dad likes to make his Brined Pork take long salty baths. I like long, salty baths in the OCEAN, of course... although maybe not lately, and not in Florida...

I love chili! I hear from my friends who used to live in New Mexico that the eternal question there is Red or Green? The Pragmatic Chef goes Red this week with Traditional New Mexico-style pork chile.

Moving through the color wheel, we find ORANGE next.

Curry is orange! And I love curry! Bunny shares a recipe for Curry-chicken salad which sounds scrumptious.

Dave at The Glittering Eye always has something incredible to share with all of us foodies. This week it's a peachy-orange Fruit Salad with Peach "Zabaglione"... he also termed it a variation on the traditional Lutheran Topping.

A peachy-keen dessert for grownups only! Bo at Bo The Nook offers Peaches Port & Ice Cream.

This one makes my mouth water just reading the title. Brian at Memento Moron posts a recipe for Spicy Orange Chicken.

I love the happy orange flower on this web site! Donna of Pajama Pundits can't decide what to name these cookies, so she just calls them No Name Cookies.

Peaches are definitely IN SEASON this week on the Carnival... and I absolutely loooooove peaches. Bernadette whips up some Peach Melba this week -- you'll love it!

Owlish is longing for the days of fall and brings us a recipe for Pumpkin Pie (be sure to scroll down a lil' bit).

Next up on the spectrum comes YELLOW!

Happy, sunshiny YELLOW... makes ya think of lemonade, doesn't it? Well, here's some from Songstress of News From The Great Beyond offers us a recipe for Watermelon-Raspberry Lemonade. Okay, yes, the lemonade's going to be pinkish rather than yellow, but hey. Cut me some slack here.

Golden Cheregies from our favorite Technogypsy... they're yummy cookies you can't pass up. He's going through some old family recipes and these sound like a hit to me.

Yellow makes me think of sunshine, and the name of this blog just lent itself perfectly to the Yellow category. Sun Comprehending Glass... isn't that beautiful? Anyway, here we have a recipe for Coffee Cake that'll knock your socks off... and by the way, why are you wearing socks in the summertime? They need to be knocked off!

Mmm! Cheesey! Michele of Meanderings brings us her recipe for Crackers & Cheese Casserole.

GREEN! GREEN is my very favoritest color of all, and it's next up.

When I was a little girl growing up in Oklahoma, we would often see enormous green snapping turtles near ponds. My dad would tell me that if a snapping turtle got hold of you, it wouldn't let go until it thundered. I'm thinking that Triticale's Snapping Turtles recipe might have a similar effect!

I love green-lipped mussels. Here's a recipe from Jeff of Trub that you could use them in: Steamed Seafood a la Duck.

Somebody must've sent out a memo about the mussels, because they're not only on MY mind, they're Inside Allan's Mind as well! And he's thinking Cuban Mussels.

Back in his college days at OBU, when he wore green and recited "Ka-Rip" at dizzying speed, Dave from Third World County used to consume large quantities of Biscuits and Sausage Gravy. Wow... love that stuff!

BLUE! Now it's Blue's turn.

With a refreshingly aqua-blue blog format, A Weight Lifted brings us a temptingly tasty (and rather alliterative)Southwest Summer Salad.

Shawn from Everything And Nothing offers a recipe that is a lovely deep shade of blue with her Blueberry Cheesecake Pie... say "Cheese" quick, because this one'll be all gone at the potluck picnic before you can say much else.

Next up is a delectable offering of Blueberry Lemon Bread from Ted at RocketJones... and did you know that Ted likes to use the silicone bundt pan for this? I have always wondered if those things really did work and if they were any good. Now I know.

And now it's time for Purple.

Feisty Christina's blog site, Feisty Repartee, is one of my favorites... such a yummy rich shade of purply-violet! And she's being true to her feisty-ness on this, her birthday week, with her Slap Your Momma Chocolate Cake. Jeepers, if I actually ever slapped my momma, she'd tear me up. But maybe if I made her this cake instead, it'd be okay...

Rhubarb always has such a brilliant violet color... one of my very favorite colors in the spectrum. Jay of Accidental Verbosity likes rhubarb, too... likes to put it into yummy Rhubarb Pie. The recipe for the crust is included, too, in case you're wondering.

Several entries merited an addition to the usual color wheel with the inclusion of BROWN.

First on that list would be Harvey from Bad Example, who shares a way to make brownies from cake mix... sort of...

I love coffee... love the smell, love the taste, just love it. A Coffee Blog shares an interesting recipe for you coffee-lovers out there: Coffee Grog.

Tender, delectable brown Baby Back Ribs are starting to sound really, really good right now... I can just smell them cooking... whoa! Hey, thanks to OzarkLad for flinging THAT craving on me! Sheesh. Now I know what I'm ordering for dinner tonight.

Finally, Martin at Ego gives us a lesson in dining etiquette AND shares a recipe for one of my very favorite things in the whole world -- Peanut Butter Cookies. My grandmother used to make them and she always used a fork to press the little criss-cross shape into them.

Okay, gang, wipe the drool from your chins and head out for the grocery store. You know the drill.


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